Each Day of life is an empty white canvas...


"I am convinced that life is a language of symbols, and i also wish for my works to "reveal" their story with the language of signs, metaphors, images and symbols. For many of my works i am inspired by moments, ideas or sensations which show the union of surrounding reality with the mystery of unknown and invisible, with the flight of human heart, imagination and emotional perception.

I am enchanted by themes that are concerned with some spiritual reality- where real and superreal are mixed together as a reflection of an unsteady and challenging validity, where visibility and essence are connected only within ourselves.

As every second of our life is a door into neverending potential possibilities- each of my work is an attempt to trace the collision of the accidental, the regular and the destined. A point when unpredictable events burst into the measured flow of life and change it forever, where a few worlds are visible one through another- and this shows us the universe of subtle illusions, of sliding reality, of transformation and magic. Now and always, we are able to regard each moment of our life as a mystical puzzle piece that was supposed to be on this exact place long beforehand, but i believe as an artist, that it is also us who create the whole picture of these pieces.

The inner spirit, light and movements of our hearts are the link between heaven and earth and are the energy that make each personal journey timeless and eternal. The way of our dreams is the way that leads us to the celebration of the miracle of life. My artworks are my personal language of perception, through which i reveal and discover myself and the universe in its constant movement and states of transition.

Whenever i deal with the canvas, i deal with a stage where the curtain is opened to take a viewer on a magical journey which mainly happens in the mind. I am striving towards the inner consistency of the work, but art for me is as well a game full of unpredictable, a way to reflect my admiration for the enchantment of living each moment of life. Art for me is a sort of metaphoric embodiment of my perception of life - a way full of miracles, spiritual discoveries and secrets of destiny...and a way to try to discover my predestination and express my love to life."

Dasha Balashova